Autism, get over it.


I am continually asked to write about autism and my son. 

 This is what comes to mind. And I believe most people wont like it. You see yesterday I was watching this video by a large non profit solely dedicated to autism. It pissed me off so royally I had to rant about it. You see the woman in the video made this comment “suffering because of autism”.

So here it goes. My opinion!

I do not believe anyone is suffering from autism. Every autistic person I know is happier than I am. They don’t know any better. They live in a world of their own that is much happier than the world I reside in. In reality and in my head! Haha.

My son for instance does not see race or age or sickness. He sees no differences in rich or poor fat or skinny, beautiful or ugly.  He just sees people! What a gift!

See the only time my son ever “suffered” was when I did not accept who God made him to be!  See God allowed my son to be born with Autism and then chose me to be his mother. Go figure!  Once I realized he would never be put into some box that our society has cut out for most of us I was able to accept who he was meant to be. He is smart, in a way that cannot be measured by our education system. He is social in a way that doesn’t meet the norm (because of the things I mentioned above). He is endearing and love-able. He is kind!

The suffering I mentioned would be the years He was in school. Having the teachers tell him he was different and not like it was a good thing. Choosing not to give him assignments that the other kids were given because they decided he was retarded and couldn’t do it. Over and over everyday being told or shown that you are not like everyone else and that it isn’t okay, it ruins the spirit. By 5th grade my son had quit talking. He refused to go eat lunch in the quad. He refused to go out on the play ground. I had let the school people define him in the 8 hours he spent at school everyday. I had failed him! 

We left school 6 weeks before the year ended and never returned. My son is 16 now and more confident and capable than I. He has a job at a local pizza shop. He is working on a client list for grocery shopping for people. He takes the bus and gets paid by his customers to shop. He loves it!

Dane Capo