Mr. Schwab and Dane

There once was a funny little boy that had a hard time in an ordinary school.

He was obviously very bright but his head worked a bit differently than the ordinary children around him.  He was not interested in the math they taught or how they got their answers because he was busy doing his own math and getting the same answers.  His mother soon realized this was not the place for him and decided to homeschool her son.  She was not so bright that she would do this herself but she could hire a collection of interesting people to push her son towards the love of learning and develop into the person she thought him to be.

Through this process Dane was growing food and selling what he grew on a farm stand in the front yard when he was 9. He saved his money to open his first bank account and walked around for years saying “I am a saver not a spender.” “I will invest my Money.” He set a goal to have the right amount of money to open his own investment account the day he turned 18.  And so he did just that. He became obsessed with banking, money and investments.

We created a curriculum around Dane’s interest, which led to science being about plants and food while his math was based on investments and banking.

One of his teachers had the ingenuity to create an art project around all of his favorite companies.  He researched the history and facts about each company, which is when he learned about Mr. Schwab and his wife Helen. I remember him telling me they live near San Fransisco and he tried to Google addresses and phone numbers and he has even begged the manager at the local branch how could he meet him.

I would hear him on the phone in his room at night around 10 pm and discovered he was having conversations with Charles Schwab 1800 number every night.  This has gone on for years and continues today.  My husband and I laugh and wonder if they see his number come up and take turns dealing with all of his inquiries.  It is no surprise that when Dane started painting he painted Charles Schwab! What was a surprise was the phone call from The Schwab Residence and their personal assistant asking if the painting was available for purchase. Helen Schwab bought the portrait of her husband for his birthday! How incredible is that!!!


Dane Capo