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The Tight Rope

Letting things fall away as I focus on my path and my son. Watching it fall and shatter because I can’t handle distraction or judgement. I can’t handle the pain and loss. I can’t handle the lonliness I feel because I am alone in this mess. I can’t handle most of all rejection right now!   I have to turn inwards and focus on that rope. My life line. Dane’s future. If you are not with me in my plan then you are against me and I can’t have that right now. I need support and encouragement. We need I can! We can! HE can. NOT he can’t do that, you can't… 

We are at a crossroads Dane and I.

I look at him and I fall to pieces! He is so resilient and uninhibited. He is kind and thoughtful. He is brilliant and creative. He loves people,even after all the rejection. I hang on to this while I teeter on the rope, it is my balance. We have come so far because of my love and ability to adapt and overcome all that is placed before us. It is because of my belief that God has a plan for my son greater than all the people that have dumped him. God has picked some amazing human beings to stand by us move our journey forward. And for that I feel blessed.