Artist Dane Capo is a native Californian that grew up in the Hermosa Beach culture.

Dane was diagnosed with epilepsy at 10 months old and found to have autism at age five. He began his education in Hermosa Beach Schools, but his father’s film career took the Capo family all over the world, and took Dane into the  classroom’s of Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Not only did Dane have exposure to different cultures, but he developed a yearning for travel, a love for all kinds of people, and a relentless drive to be independent.

Dane’s first painting happened shortly after he lost his grandmother, who was also a talented painter. At the time, he was studying art history and the Great Masters with one of his homeschool teachers, Amanda. Dane just decided to pick up a brush and paint his interpretation of Matisse’s self portrait.   

The results were extraordinary. With each stroke he thoughtfully, and without filter, chose bright colors and dark shadows; an unexplained talent that amazes even the toughest art critic.

Today, Dane has built up a collection and is involved in numerous art shows, art media coverage, and exhibits. He continues to create his own Masterpieces as his talent continues to grow.

When not painting, Dane enjoys shopping, gardening, and wandering around Los Angeles, meeting new people and experiencing his own version of independence.